Know the Fakes

It has become quite visible to me that I may not be as good at judging people’s first impressions as I thought I was. Does this make sense? It’s never the clear as day whack job people. For instance, the lady in front of you who looks you up and down and then deliberately grabs one of those plastic sticks that separates our orders like mine has cooties, which in turn has me feeling self conscious about my purchases or even worse: my outfit! Or maybe you go to an interview at a coffee shop in which the girl interviewer rattles off the coffee machine’s name, De’Longhi Lattissima EN680.M like it’s a type of Mercedes Benz and I should know what she’s talking about. But these are only the clear cases of psychopath, and definitely not mistaken for potential friends. MY problem is thinking I have met someone wonderful who turns out to be one of the mentioned above, but only after a few months time of trusting them; the hidden crazies.

In fashion-related terms this would be comparable to thinking you bought a genuine designer bag at an unbelievably discounted price, but months (or let’s be real, weeks) go by and your threads come undone or the “leather” starts to peel. We should know better, right? People and purses come hand in hand, ladies. You get what you pay for and talk is cheap.

Moral of the story?

Know the fakes.


One response to “Know the Fakes

  1. Interesting article, I posted something similar on my blog. But what about ‘inspirations’?


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