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3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

The fashion industry is not only a challenging one, but one that I constantly thrive off of. All of my goals since a very young age have been within the industry, and each time I set a goal for myself, it seems to get closer to a better “me.” If you are interested in this industry I am positive that you are (or should be) just as hungry for success and a lifetime happiness in having a fashion career. Phillip Lim is a prime example of an individual with goals who never gave up. This man took all the right steps to learn the industry and provide a brand for himself by focusing on his college career from the beginning while employed at Barney’s (everyone has to work retail), to eventually working his way up the ladder at Katayone Adeli. At age 31 (hense the name), Lim became the founder of a quirky clothing company and rose to Vogue in a shorter-than-average period of time. Phillip Lim is definitely an inspiration to fashion students like myself because it reminds us that all of our dedication will eventually be rewarded. 

Now that Phillip Lim is doing a line for Target, I will be able to afford to have his name in my closet. In stores September 15th, the items available will range from $20 – $200 but no hints have been given as to what the merchandise may be. I will certainly be letting you guys know what they are the moment that Target opens at 8 AM that Sunday morning.

In the meantime, shop the collection here. Well, put all of the items that you love in the shopping bag and then look at the price it adds up to and remember that you still haven’t graduated college.

Kind Dreams,