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How To Be Happy Pt. 1

Among the daily balance of working, educating, family, friends, enemies (we all have them), and everything in between, we can sometimes find it difficult to remember what really matters; ourselves. Finding happiness is not only one of the hardest things in life, but there are more books on it than *insert new diet craze here*! That can only mean one thing though: the answer is never as clear as it seems. From the point of view of a young adult, the struggle is real. When we aren’t worrying about the next assignment due, our GPA, or our sales at our fashion retail jobs, we’re trying to figure out what to do in the time that’s left to keep ourselves sane enough to do the same things tomorrow. Not to mention, most college students have chosen to drop their hometowns, families, and friends to accomplish their hopes and soon realize that being in a new place takes a toll on their stress levels and their beautiful Ted Baker wallets! I can give a lot of advice on this topic because I am constantly looking for new ways to get by. For starters, it helps for you to know your self worth. Granted, this will sometimes be questioned when your stress is at its highest, but it is so important to believe in yourself and see the potential even on the days that no one else does. I see it this way; if you don’t recognize how great you are then how can you expect others to distinguish you from your competitors? Don’t take this advice as an excuse to be a narcissist, but a humble individual who is confident in their achievements, no matter what they may be. I’ll leave you with that to think about for now because any more and I’d have to start charging by the hour.