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Things I Take Too Personally


We all have those moments when we are seriously butt hurt. These are a few of the things that make my butt really hurt.

  1. When someone outbids me on eBay. Especially if they’re one of those people who waits til the very last second and I think I’ve already won… but then I don’t. Jerks.
  2. When I go get a manicure and the lady asks if I want my eyebrows waxed.
  3. I give in and let her wax my eyebrows, and then she asks if I want my lip waxed too. I now do all of my waxing myself because of this.
  4. Dirty looks from strangers. (I’m thinking this should read: “Dirty looks from anyone.”)
  5. When I compliment someone and they don’t seem genuinely surprised at my thoughtfulness. I didn’t HAVE to tell you your hair looks fantastic today… I mean you didn’t say anything nice to me!
  6. When I lose. I tried to think of specifics, but I pretty much don’t like losing at anything.
  7. When someone else proves me wrong. This is one of those moments when I say “Whatever” and walk away like I have somewhere important to be.
  8. When I have to do a group project for school and my group clearly doesn’t like my ideas. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does I act like I don’t care about the class anymore.
  9. When someone gets on the elevator with me and just because I’m standing next to the buttons they just say the number of their floor expecting me to hit the button for them. I realize that this may not be a big deal, but what really isn’t a big deal is for them to do it themselves.
  10. When my status on Facebook doesn’t get at least 5 likes. Anything less than 5 and it’s deleted out of pure shame.